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Contentful Case Studies

Contentful —
Case Studies


After the success of the recruitment video we made for the sky-rocketing Berlin-based startup Contentful, they engaged us to make a series of case studies explaining their product and appealing to new clients.

For this, they sent us all over the world, with further case studies in California and New York due next year.

The films had to appeal to both technical developers, steeped in the complexity of their work, and to decision-makers, with a little less technical knowledge.


The British Museum


Exploring how digital technology enables the British Museum to manage its collection and keep it accessible to all.

The interview subject loved Contentful so much, he ended up going to work for them shortly afterwards.



Focussing on the benefits and ease of migration to Contentful.

For this film, we focussed on travel and movement, reflecting the joy of progress. We journeyed to Sweden to see TUI’s beautiful head office.



This film explores how the technological choices a business makes affect the workplace culture.

With the head of digital at Telus a renowned speaker on technology and culture, we travelled to Canada to see how their biggest mobile network integrated Contentful in their workflow.